Ambassadors Visit Ambon 2020: Nicky Manuputty and Miguell Kaidel!

by Visit Ambon 2020

Saxophonist Nicky Manuputty and DJ Miguell Kaidel are the first official ambassadors of Visit Ambon 2020.
In the months up to 2020 concerts and parties will be organized in the Netherlands as part of Visit Ambon 2020.

Ambassadors Nicky Manuputty and Miguell Kaidel are going to ensure that those events will be amazing, but where and which friends they will invite exactly remains a surprise.

It’s a first that several events will take place in the spirit of the Moluccan capital. Miguell Kaidel wants to make Ambon city ‘ the capital of Deejays ‘ during Visit Ambon 2020.

For Nicky Manuputty Visit Ambon 2020 signifies “Back to our roots! Ambon is the City of Music. We must be a bridge between the world and Maluku. With music and culture as a centerpiece and investing in the future together… Toma Maju… ”

According to the promotors from Holland the two are appropriate ambassadors for Visit Ambon 2020: “Following year they are going to put Ambon on the map in the Netherlands and Indonesia!”

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