Ambon organizes festival in the spirit of durian fruit

by Visit Ambon 2020

Tavelers who have been in Southeast Asia are undoubtedly familiar with the extraordinary durian fruit. The fruit has a powerful and sweet flavor but has a strong scent. There will be a festival in Ambon especially for the durian enthusiasts. 

The Durian Fruit Festival in Ambon is organized to promote the quality of the durian fruit on the national and international market. And, to become a business card for tourism on the Moluccan main island. 

Last year the event took place in the village Hutumuri. In future the festival will be expanded to various places in Ambon. 

Growers meet during the festival to present their variation of the exotic fruit species. There is a competition for the biggest and heaviest durian. The day is dedicated to eating contests in which anyone can participate.


The egg-shaped fruit is soft, sweet and prickly. The durian can grow up to thirty centimeters long, get a size of fifteen centimeters and have a weight of three to eight kilos. Although Indonesia is less known for its durian, than neighboring countries Malaysia and Thailand, the fruit is also very popular there.

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