Corona measures Ambon extended until July 20

by Visit Ambon 2020

AMBON – The Regional Government of the Moluccas has extended the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The lockdown will stay in effect until the end of this week, until July 20.

The so-called Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar (PSBB), or large-scale social restrictions, were extended on 6 July. The Moluccas are closed via Ambon.

Visit Ambon 2020
Licensed events after august as part of ‘Visit Ambon 2020’ will have to wait for clarity. According to Rico Hayat, the head of tourism & culture in Ambon, the organisers wanted to know where they stand. Among other things, a new consideration will be made in the week after 20 July.

Corona update: Moluccas, North Moluccas, Papua and West Papua

Positive: 900
Cured: 568
Died: 17

Maluku Utara
Positive: 1145
Cured: 141
Died: 39

Positive: 2366
Cured: 1096
Died: 22

Papua Barat
Positive: 292
Cured: 198
Died: 4

Source: Dinas Kesehatan Maluku / Dinas Pariwisata & Kebudayaan Kota Ambon

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