Culinary adventure in Ambon

by Visit Ambon 2020

Ambon is the ideal place to get acquainted with the cuisine of the Moluccas. On the island you can eat everywhere you go. You can also shop around and order a few appetizers at one place before you go to another diner to get a fish dish, nasi kuning or another main course.


The most significant example is the traditional Moluccan papeda, a glassy porridge of sago that should be slurped. This has become symbolic: if you visit the Moluccas this is one dish you must have tasted.

Makan Patita

Traditionally Makan Patita has been a Moluccan picnic on the beach. In a pacific atmosphere you can enjoy delicious traditional dishes from the Moluccas. Enjoy each other’s company in the shade of palm trees, on the sparkling white sand at a clear blue sea.

Makan Patita is usually held on important days, such as a celebration of, for example church or mosque, a birthday of a city or village or provincial matters. In 2020, Ambon City exists 445 years so expect the unexpected.

One of the dishes that you will surely receive is Koho Koho (Kohu Kohu), a real Moluccan vegetable/fish salad with a fresh dressing of coconut, lemon and fish. Delicious in combination with cassava or sweet potato.


In Ambon you cannot skip The New Natsepa Beach. A beautiful beach with several eateries and the only place where you can eat the original Rujak Natsepa. A delicious zesty fruit salad.

Originally it is a Moluccan delicacy. A side dish consisting of chopped tropical fruits and sweet or tangy sauce. In many restaurants in Indonesia and the Netherlands, if they even serve rujak, it is usually not the original composition. Therefore, we advise you to really taste this on Ambon.

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