Ambon appoints District Nine Five as official Promotor from the Netherlands

District Nine Five is the event agency which co-organizes the yearly recurring Moluccan day at Kwaku in Amsterdam since 2016. For the event “Visit Ambon 2020” on Maluku, they have been labelled as the official promoter from the Netherlands. The District Nine Five agency will work closely together with local organizations on the Moluccas and the authorities of Ambon city. Togheter with creative entrepreneurs from the Netherlands. 

District Nine Five was founded in 2018 by Ambonwhena Aratuaman and Yoram Tomatala; Both started as organizers of parties and festivals. Focused on the multicultural public and of course always with a Moluccan touch. Because that is what they stand for; MALUKU!

Therefor the company’s name is English for Daerah Siwa Lima, in other words the region of the Alifuru. The two large tribes Patasiwa and Patalima.

In time it became clear that their target audience had a need for more diverse events thus gradually they developed into an event agency.

Ambonwhena’s first parties was Club Moluccas in Utrecht. In 2016 he became co-organizer of the Moluccan Day on Kwaku in Amsterdam and after some time he also became partner with several sponsors. Yoram is one of the founders of 50HURTZ in the Melkweg Amsterdam also known as THE Dutch club night with the hardest dubstep. Together they devise concepts and give shape to new innovative events.

Currently, District Nine Five became a multidisciplinary company: in addition to District Nine Five as promoter, there is a collaboration with the Kwaku Summer Festival BV, Rhythm of Maluku Foundation and a collaboration with Ambon City of Music.

The complete package consists of a collaboration with creative entrepreneurs, rappers, singers, YouTubers, singer-songwriters, producers, theatre makers and athletes.

The design of the company is led by the duo Ambonwhena Aratuaman and Yoram Tomatala.

– Moluccan Day on Kwaku since 2016
– Visit Ambon 2020