Mayor Ambon: “We are going to write history with Visit Ambon 2020”

by Visit Ambon 2020

The mayor of Ambon was recently in the Netherlands for a working visit. He was specifically here to discuss Visit Ambon 2020. During the visit the emphasis laid on the organization between the Netherlands and the Moluccas.

In two years, Ambon city will celebrate its 44th anniversary! Mayor Richard Louhenapessy makes an appeal to all Moluccan people and tourists worldwide to come and celebrate this together in the capital of the Moluccas. Visit Ambon, Pulang Kampong!

Mayor Richard Louhenapessy arrived at Sunday 2nd December 2018 at Schiphol after a visit to Israel and Palestine. Immediately after he went into consultation with District Nine Five, the appointed organization which will promote and coordinate all matters concerning Visit Ambon 2020 from the Netherlands. District Nine Five, which stands for Area Siwa Lima is also the co-organizer of Molukse Dag op Kwaku. In their presentation they gave mayor Louhenapessy a detailed description of what the concrete plans are for the next two years.

The meeting was concluded on Sunday evening over dinner together with the team of Visit Ambon 2020 in the Netherlands. The visit is confirmation of the good relationship between the Moluccan community in the Netherlands and the Moluccas and creates the opportunity to further broaden and deepen the cooperation, with a view to the future.

On the second day of the work visit there was a meeting between mayor Louhenapessy and the mayor and deputy mayor of Vlissingen together with a member of foundation co-operation Vlissingen Ambon (SSVA). There was also a conference with the director of BPR Bank Legian who is also a sponsor of Visit Ambon 2020. The evening ended with a pleasant informal meeting with Victor and Francien van Bronckhorst, the parents of Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

On Tuesday morning, the mayor met a part of the business partners for Visit Ambon 2020 from the Netherlands. Being a correct organization also means that you discuss difficult subjects to realize your goals, but it soon turned out that everyone was on the same page. All parties involved agreed it was a fruitful conciliation where solutions were mutually devised to achieve the collective goal.

From left to right:  Wiwiek Wiratha (specialist; Consultant for Tourism, Industry & Property), Estafano Van Holt (District95), Dominggus Matulapelwa (Pemkot, Ambon City Government), Ambonwhena Aratuaman (District Nine Five), Lisa Ekklesia van Travel Excellent Ekklesia, secretary Anthony Latuheru (Pemkot, Ambon City Government), Rick Wouters sales and marketing manager of Garuda Indonesia Netherlands/Europe, mayor Richard Louhenapessy, Rico Hayat head of tourism Ambon, Carrie Ronodihardjo marketing and sales coordinator of Garuda Indonesia Netherlands/Europe, Hong Oei Director of Asfalea Travel, Angelo Manuhutu promoter and coordinator Visit Ambon 2020 Netherlands.

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