Moluccan Day on Kwaku entirely revolves around Visit Ambon 2020

by Visit Ambon 2020

In 2019 the fourth edition of the Moluccan Day on Kwaku will be in the spirit of “Visit Ambon 2020”. In 2018 the mayor of Ambon opened the event and was very content about his visit to Amsterdam during the Moluccan day at the Kwaku Summer Festival.

At the invitation of District Nine Five, Mayor Louhenapessy accompanied by his wife and a delegation from Ambon visited the Netherlands. The visit coincides with the efforts that District Nine Five puts in to ensure the survival of the Moluccan platform. This meeting was marked by good cooperation between the authorities of Ambon and the organization in the musical, cultural and social field.

The Moluccan day at Kwaku previously had “200 years Martha Christina Tiahahu” as theme in 2018 and in 2017 the theme was “200 years Pattimura”. And the first edition was under the banner of 65 years Moluccans in the Netherlands, to honor the first-generation Moluccans in the Netherlands.

– Moluccan Day on Kwaku

– Saturday 27th of July 2019

The Moluccan Day at the Kwaku Summer Festival is organized in collaboration with District Nine Five and Rhythm of Maluku Foundation.

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