Organizers Visit Ambon 2020 look into Ambon Fest Week after July 12

by Visit Ambon 2020

After Sunday 12 July 2020, there will be more clarity about the activities planned for Visit Ambon 2020. Including ‘Ambon Fest Week’ from 17 to 24 October 2020. The local government will discuss the next phase and corona measures in Ambon in two weeks. In expectation concrete plans will be presented.

The organization District Nine Five from the Netherlands of Ambon Fest Week had a video meeting on Sunday, June 28, with the mayor of Ambon, Richard Louhenapessy, Deputy Mayor Syarif Hadler, City Secretary Anthony Latuheru and the Head of Tourism, Rico Hayat.

The organization of Ambon Fest Week 2020 emphasizes that they are currently busy making an inventory of travelers. Through travel partner Asfalea Travel there is a lot of insight already, but they know that flight tickets have also been booked through other channels. The organization wants to give clarity as soon as possible to the travellers who intend to visit the festival this year. The local government of Ambon says that not only Moluccans from the Netherlands but also the Moluccan community from the United States, Australia and Japan have been looking forward to Visit Ambon 2020, Louhenapessy said.

Because of that the scenario on an alternative interpretation of the concept in October is currently discussed with the Ambon City Government. ‘There are still travelers who are planning to come to Ambon during Ambon Fest Week. If this is possible by then, we would like to receive the people who have decided to visit Ambon well’, says Mayor Louhenapessy.

“The coronavirus in Ambon will peak in July before decreasing,” the mayor said. ‘All attention is entirely on the care and help for the population now. After the peak, we will use the time to restore our daily lives. This will be around the end of July, the month of August and the beginning of September,’ he says.

The ‘new normal’ in the whole world is starting to take shape. Also, in the Moluccas there are strict lockdown measures. Eighty percent of the hotels are closed. As well as office buildings, markets and shops. There is strict control on wearing mouthcaps and having a health card. At access controls, body temperatures are measured. Or one must do a health check.

Mayor Louhenapessy tells the organization in the Netherlands that the prediction of the peak of the coronavirus is based on analyses by epidemiologists. The government has used it to investigate the spread of the virus. ‘It’s just like the rest of the world. We must now comply with the corona measures. And can only hope that the corona crisis will pass soon,’ says Louhenapessy.

The number of corona deaths in the Moluccas stands at 15 people. A total of 711 people in Maluku have tested positive for the virus so far. Thus far 230 of the 711 have been cured.

The current lockdown is scheduled until July 5, 2020. This will be followed by a notice on the following measures and the decision on Visit Ambon 2020 from September. It is also important what the measures taken by the Indonesian government will be when entering and leaving the country.

On 12 July, the next virtual meeting will take place between the Ambon City Government and the organization District Nine Five from the Netherlands.
District Nine Five from left to right: Estafano van Aanholt (Commercial Director), Ambonwhena Aratuaman (Director of Operations) and Angelo Manuhutu (Managing Director)

Corona update worldwide:
The number of coronary deaths around the world passed half a million on Sunday. That is according to a census from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. The actual number of deaths is probably higher, because not everyone is tested and because deaths are sometimes recorded after a while.
The United States (125,714) has the most deaths, followed by Brazil (57,070) and the United Kingdom (43,634). Furthermore, in Europe the countries italy (34,738), France (29,781) and Spain (28,343) were the hardest hit. In the Netherlands, the number of deaths on Sunday stands at 6105.

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