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by Visit Ambon 2020

Ambon city will celebrate its 445th anniversary in 2020! Mayor Richard Louhenapessy calls upon all Moluccan people and tourists worldwide to come and collectively celebrate this in the capital of Maluku.


Plan your trip to Maluku and Visit Ambon in 2020. Pay a visit to the archipelago, a paradise with an unique flora and fauna, and experience this adventure together with families from the Netherlands, America and off course Maluku.

In shortly two years Ambon will revolve entirely around #MalukuPanggilPulang; this is a call of the tahuri to all Moluccan people, where ever on the globe to come and visit Ambon Manis é in 2020. Visit Ambon 2020 will undoubtedly be the most popular and traditional celebration in Maluku!

In the months July, August and September all sorts of festivities regarding music, dance and culture will take place. Both the holiday seasons in the Netherlands and the United States will be taken into account. Furthermore several events will also take place in the months October, November and December, so all Moluccan people can be reunited in the capital in 2020.

Dari Ujung Halmahera sampe Tenggara Jao

The capital Ambon is inhabited by Moluccan people from different Moluccan islands. Which is why the fact that a lot of Moluccan people will transit from Visit Ambon 2020 to other islands is taken in consideration. From Ambon it is easy to travel to the other islands. From the Alifuru on Seram, to the eldest clove tree on Ternate, the endemic animals and authentic art on Tanimbar, the white sandy beaches on the Kei-islands, the habitat of the birds of paradise on Aru, Kalwedo Maluku Barat Daya, Fort Duurstede on Saparua, the beautiful beaches on Haruku, the many birds on Buru and the coral reefs at Banda Neira.


District 95, the event and artist agency which has co-organized the “Molukse Dag op Kwaku” in Amsterdam since 2016, is the official promotor and coordinator for Visit Ambon 2020 from the Netherlands.

More information regarding the program and travel advice will follow shortly.

The next two year Tifa Magazine, as official mediapartner for Visit Ambon 2020, will post news and updates regarding Visit Ambon 2020 through the website.

Keep checking our website for updates and follow all other developments through the official Facebook and Instagram of “Visit Ambon 2020”.

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